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Honest Review: VEVOR Thermal Imaging Camera, 240×180 IR Resolution with 2MP Visual Camera

I’ve always wanted a thermal imaging camera, but couldn’t justify the price tag. Now Vevor offers a robust, affordable thermal imaging camera that is loaded with features:

SC240M VEVOR Thermal Imaging Camera: https://s.vevor.com/bfQohm  5% Discount code: VVSALE5

• Use for HVAC troubleshooting, fire fighting, and professional detection of electrical or mechanical systems, identifying air leaks, automotive, and missing insulation.
• 240×180 pixel IR resolution
• 20Hz refresh rate
• 2MP visible light camera records video and photo
• View & capture temperatures up to 1022°F accurately
• 4 Image Modes & 7 Color Palettes to choose from
• 64GB SD card
• Built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery can support up to 11 hrs of continuous operation
• IP54 rated for protection against water & dust
• Designed to withstand a 6.6 ft drop • Audio Alarm available when the temperature is out of high or low range #vevor

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