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How to Install MaxpeedingRods Coilovers on 1st Gen Honda Fit 2007-2008

#maxpeedingrods sent me a set of coilovers to install on my 2007 Honda Fit Sport (GD)
As always, I did not accept any payment from the manufacturer for this video, so expect an honest review. They do handle well for the cheap price (~$300) although very stiff over bumpy Ohio roads. However, they were not a direct fit and did need to be slightly modified to fit my car.

2007-08 Honda Fit Coilovers LINK

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KYB Front Strut Mount Kit SM5654

How to: Paint Calipers and Rotors to Prevent Rust 

Tools used:

T40 Torx allen wrench 

12mm wrench 

17mm wrench 

19mm wrench 

10mm socket

17mm socket

19mm socket

32mm socket 


breaker bar

small chisel

needle nose pliers

measuring tape or ruler

impact driver for rotor screws 

5mm allen wrench/socket 

6mm allen wrench/socket 

Spring Compressor

round file 


PB Blaster 

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