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Honest Review: Vevor CUT50P Non-Touch, Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter – Cut Metal for Cheap!

I’ve wanted a plasma cutter for years, but couldn’t justify the cost. There are a lot more budget-friendly options on the market now and I received this Vevor VV-PC-CUT50P Non-Touch, Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter from Vevor to test and review. It works on both 110v and 220v outlets, thanks to an included adapter. It had no problem cutting through sheet metal. I did have problems with the breaker tripping on a 20a 110v outlet though. If you’re planning on cutting anything thicker than sheet metal, plan on using a 220v outlet. I’ve cut steel 4mm thick with no issues. I did find that the electrodes wear faster when using more amps while cutting thick metal. Luckily they’re available on amazon for a decent price: https://amzn.to/3QsZF9A

Vevor 50 Amp Plasma cutter: https://s.vevor.com/bfP9P6
Discount code: VVSALE5 for 5% off


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